Whats Dermal Piercing

Mar 04 2019 Tags: Dermal Piercing

Now dermal piercing is very popular among the youngers. It makes them feel cool, confident and beautiful.

Whats dermal piercing? Someone still not recognize it. Let us start to talk about it.


Before it, let’s talk about Ear piercing names firstly.

According to piercing place, body piercing have so many styles. Such as navel piercing, ear piercing, tongue piercing, nipple piercing, lip piercing, eyebrow piercing and so on.

Howwever, such as ear piercing there is so many names as well.

It includes: helix/ cartilage piercing, anti-helix piercing, industrial piercing, tragus piercing, lobe piercing, Rook Piercing, Snug Piercing.

Ear Piercing Names


Let’s back to the theme. What’s Dermal Piercing?

Dermal piercing also called micro dermal piercing, dermal punch piercing or dermal anchor piercing. It is a kind of piercing that put the dermal piercing jewelry under your skin. Now it is very hot. Why i say that? Because i can find any piercing store near me can do dermal piercing. You don’t believe? Just have a try.

Dermal Piercings have many style as well, such as dermal piercing on face, chest, arm, even in finger.

Dermal Piercing


How Dermal Piercing Works?

At first, the piercing artists will use a tool called dermal punch to make a small hole on skin. So that they can put the dermal piercing jewelry underneath your skin.

All the dermal piercing jewelry have two parts. The upper part is the jewelry. The bottom part called anchor.

After that, piercer will put the anchor into your body, then screw the jewelry on the anchor.

Then finished the work. Of course, they will clear the blood,


Classic Body Jewelry


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