Stainless Steel Piericng Needle Receiving Tube Piercing Tools

  • $9.99 USD

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  • Name: Piercing Receiving Tube
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Packing: 1PCS
  • Gauge  Accept Neelde Up to  Inner Hole Lenth
    3mm/8G  14G/1.6mm 2mm   75.4mm
    4mm/6G 10G/2.4mm 2.7mm   70.3mm
    5mm/4G 8G/3.2mm 3.5mm 75.3mm
    6mm/2G 6G/4.0mm 4.7mm 78.4mm
    8mm/0G 4G/5.0mm  5.8mm 76mm